Energy and Conservation Organization (ECO)

Energy & Conservation Organization (ECO) determines and implements sustainable initiatives to “green” the U. They are inspired by our students, faculty, campus, the local environment and current green choices being made globally.

ECO’s vision is to build an environmentally friendly campus, promote green habits, educate and further awareness of environmentally-friendly practices, and to have fun, live big, and be green.

Completed Projects:

Food Court Solar Panels

Low-Flow Showerheads in the Wellness Center

Educational Lake Osceola Signs

LED Lighting in the Wellness Center

Food Recovery Network

Shower Timers in Freshmen Dorms

Earth Day Celebration

Recycling Video with Athletics

Recycling Educational Magnets

Recycled Napkins in Food Court

Reusable “UM” Bags

“ECO” Tree

Ongoing Projects:

Solar Umbrellas

Biodegradable Utensils for Food Court

Educational Plaque for Food Court Solar Panels

Green Dorm Showroom