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Charge Up - Three new solar umbrellas to charge your mobile devices can be found by the Whitten Learning Center!

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Our campus operates on a Single-Stream Recycling system. Our goal is to educate students and prevent food contamination.

Athletics Halftime Recycling Video
Educational Recycling Magnets
Recycled Napkins in Food Court
Contamination Prevention Signs

Sustainable Purchasing

Find companies that use recycled materials or support the environment in their manufacturing here. Use these links to view USA and local businesses or to suggest a company for us to include.

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Solar Energy

Florida is known as the sunshine state. We are determined to increase the amount of photovoltaic rooftop solar systems on campus to make Florida known as THE Solar State.

Hurricane Food Court Solar Panels
Phone Charging Solar Umbrellas
Murphy Design Studio Solar Panels (Ongoing)

Conservation Box.png

UM’s campus is about 239 acres and has many state of the art facilities. We do our best to decrease the amount of energy and water consumed by our students, faculty and staff.

Low-Flow Showerheads in the Wellness Center
LED Lighting in the Wellness Center
Food Recovery Network
Educational Lake Osceola Signs
Sustainable Utensils in Food Court (Ongoing)
Reuseable Grocery Bags
Reflective Window Films Pilot
Green Dorm Showroom (Ongoing)
"ECO" Tree 
Grow/Green Walls in the UC (Ongoing)
3D Printing Plastic Recycling (Ongoing)
Seasonal Food Outreach
Turn Off the Light! Signs (Ongoing)
UHET kits in Hecht Athletics (Ongoing)

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ECO Agency focuses on sustainable programming and helps other organizations host more environmentally-friendly events.
ECO Green Event Sponsorship
Earth Day Celebration
Save the Waste!
America Recycles Day Celebration
Green Athletics Comference
World Water Day Celebration
Climate Change Talks
Corporate Sustainability Symposium
Homecoming Week Parade Participation
ReUse Store at the Farmer's Market - Composting at the same location