Meet the Board

Talula Thibault


Talula serves as ECO Agency's Chair. She is a senior from Southampton, MA double majoring in Ecosystem Science & Policy and Geography, with a minor in Economics. In her role, she oversees all of the ECO Agency branch (including Green Committee sub-branch), serves on SG’s Executive Board, helps out with as many of the ongoing projects as time allows, and fields all incoming questions pertaining to sustainability at the U. For four consecutive years, Talula has been a part of ECO and it has been the single most important involvement to her during undergrad. She started various initiatives, from Arboretum promotion to fraternity recycling to succulent giveaways for people who pledge to quit using single-use plastics. In her free time, she enjoys watching football, gardening, mentoring as a Cane Buddy, exploring Miami, and plogging (going on runs meanwhile collecting litter). Upon graduation, Talula hopes to start a career in sustainable business or environmental policy. Her dream goal is to be the human embodiment of The Lorax. 

Delaney Reynolds

Vice Chair

Delaney serves as ECO Agency's Vice Chair. She is a junior from Miami, FL, double majoring in Marine Science and Geology with a minor in Climate Science and Policy. In her role, she acts as the Leader of Green Committee, a sub-branch of the ECO Agency. When she’s not at school, Delaney spends most of her time working through her nonprofit organization, The Sink or Swim Project, to educate people about the effects of our climate change crisis through live presentations, a blog, and social media. She also enjoys working as an intern in the University of Miami's Hammerschlag Shark Research and Conservation Lab collecting samples from and tagging all sorts of shark species here in South Florida and the Caribbean. According to Delaney, “The University of Miami is the best place to study marine science”.

Ezra Remer

Gifford Arboretum Curator

Ezra serves as ECO Agency’s Arboretum Curator. He is a senior from New Orleans, LA, studying Communications (Honors) - Documentary Production, Urban Studies, and History. In his role he promotes the Gifford Arboretum on the Coral Gables campus through different meetings, concerts, and tours, as well as organizing weekly volunteer work in the lush outdoor space. Ezra is also involved in the Billy Goat coffee shop on campus, where he happy that the used coffee grounds are reused in the garden as compost. Ezra says he is “passionate about sustainable agriculture and the role that farmers in the Global South can play in conserving our natural ecosystems.” His other interests include hiking, traveling, and pups. Ezra has one of the friendliest smiles you will ever witness. 

Hannah Nossan

Head of Campus Outreach

Hannah serves as ECO Agency’s Head of Campus Outreach. She is a senior from Ridgefield, CT, majoring in Psychology with minors in Ecosystem Science & Policy, Biology and Spanish. In her role, she works on getting the student body engaged with issues of climate science and sustainable living. Hannah loves singing and playing the guitar (she’s been in the a cappella group called Phoenyx since her freshman). She also really enjoys rock climbing, hiking, cooking and finding great vegan food in the Miami area, since there is so much to eat! Furthermore, Hannah interns with local legend Xavier Cortada who gets Miami excited about eco-activism through his participatory art installations, which can be found through the community as well as several places on our Coral Gables campus.  Hannah says she loves “the school spirit that Miami has, homecoming and football games”!


Hailey Mineo

Head of Community Outreach

Kathryn Doolittle

Head of Curriculum

Jessa Selsor

Head of Earth-Friendly Festivals

Deven Reyes

Head of ECO-Art Installations

Deven serves as ECO Agency’s Head of Sustainability Education. He is a junior from Miami, FL studying Business Law, Finance, Marketing, and Political Science. In his role, he has focused on obtaining and installing green grow walls (found in the library, Ungar building, and Whitten UC) as part of his “want to make businesses and people's behavior more efficient for the environment.” His work aims to get all Canes more hand-on with their sustainable lifestyles, and the grow walls are a beautiful, useful way of doing such. When he’s outside of school, Deven’s hobbies include chess, baseball,  basketball, going to the beach and listening to country music. Despite living in hot weather all his whole life, he is also a very good skier!

Sofia Mesa

Head of Food Sustainability 

Debris Free Oceans Liaison

Sofia serves as ECO Agency’s Head of Food Sustainability and Debris Free Oceans Liaison. She is a sophomore from Miami, FL double majoring in English and Ecosystem Science and Policy. In her role she works to promote plant-based diets and to improve the food options on campus, like she did by getting the beyond burger @The Rat and replacing the single-use utensils there with reusable cutlery. When Sofia isn’t thrifting or reviewing vegan dishes, she enjoys taking train rides and setting up beach clean ups. Sofia is particularly interested in “the intersection between social justice and environmental justice,” and so finds that rights to clean air, water, and healthy food options are especially important, along with education, especially within minority communities. One of five kids to a loud Cuban family, Sofia wouldn't want it any other way!

Ian Friedman

Head of Solar Energy

Ian serves as ECO Agency’s Head of Solar Energy. He is a senior from New York studying Ecosystem Science & Policy, Business Management, and Human & Social Development. His goals are to increase the student body’s awareness of the solar systems already on campus and expand the University’s solar resources. He is currently in the process of increasing permanent signage that illustrates facts and figures of the solar system on the roof of the Food Court. He is also focused on adding solar umbrella charging stations and implementing solar charging stations to the gliders throughout campus. Ian has a passion for renewable energy, tennis, and the outdoors. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his brothers of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and exploring Miami. Ian’s career goal is to help individuals invest in sustainable solutions.

Ella Pokrifka

Head of Sponsorships

Alia Giolitti

Head of Tailgates/GIS

Matthew Christie

Head of Technology

Matthew serves as ECO Agency’s Head of Technology. He is a sophomore from Boca Raton, FL, studying Mechanical Engineering and Physics. In his role, he works on the machinery applications that boost UM’s green credentials. Matt loves working on engines, going fast, the piano, making things matter and all things water. He is. also a brother of Pi Kapp in Greek life. Matt says he loves the Univeristy of Miami and ECO because he feels “surrounded by people who have the know-how and motivation to improve the U for everyone”

Jess Nussbaum

Head of Transportation

Jessica serves as ECO Agency’s Head of Transportation. She is a senior from Wilmington, MA majoring in Computational Mathematics, with a minor in Political Science. In her role, she works on improving the transit accommodations on campus, and is currently undertaking an initiative to significantly reduce emissions from idling. In her free time, Jess enjoys watching and playing tennis as well as reading. She is also involved with UThrift, the reuse and epicycle zero-cost store at UM. Jess is grateful for all the new experiences and diverse perspectives that going to school here has given her. She says “It especially helped grow my passion for sustainability, being one of the cities that is already feeling the effects of our actions on the ecosystem. I hope that through ECO I can spread information about concerns as well as learn more about what we can do to make a difference.”

Natalia Brown

Head of Waste Reduction

Natalia serves as ECO Agency’s Head of Waste Reduction. She is a junior from Davie, FL, majoring in Ecosystem Science & Policy with minors in Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, and Sustainable Business. In her role, she works on reducing UM’s waste footprint by phasing out single-use plastics and replacing them with completely biodegradable or reusable alternatives. She also revamped ECO’s Food Recovery Network, which has diverted over 9.5K pounds of food waste in the last 8 months since she became chapter director. Natalia is a conscious consumption advocate, avid small business supporter, and intentional minimalist. And if that isn’t impressive enough, she also is researching carbon-capture methods that will be presented for the COP 25.