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Mission Statement: ECO Agency at the University of Miami aims to promote an environmentally aware culture through implementing sustainable initiatives to protect campus ecosystems and their relationship to the student experience.

ECO’s vision is to build an environmentally friendly campus, promote green habits, and educate on essential environmental topics like environmental justice We are inspired by our students, faculty, campus, the local environment and current green choices being made globally. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @UMiamiECOAgency for updates about our initiatives and opportunities to get involved!

Founded in 2012, ECO Agency is the umbrella organization under Student Government that includes the committees: ECO Board, Food Recovery Network, Green Committee, ECO Reps, and the Green Organization Coalition (GOC).

The following organizations are recruiting for the Fall 2020 semester: Green Committee, ECO Reps, Food Recovery Network.

Applications for the above committees are due on Friday, August 28th at midnight. 

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  • Green Committee

    Green Committee operates similarly to ECO Board but places a greater emphasis on
    collaborative work. All members serve on a subcommittee headed by an ECO Board
    member. The subcommittees are small groups that focus their efforts on a certain
    subtopic of environmentalism such as plastic waste, solar energy, and food waste.
    Some past Green Committee headed projects and events include the thrift swap UThrift
    at our weekly Farmer's Market, and a Low-Waste Vegan Cooking Class
    in the dining halls.

  • Green Organization Coalition

    The newest organization under ECO Agency, this coalition invites all organizations and individuals to attend monthly round table meetings hosted by ECO Agency in which everyone is invited to discuss their ongoing projects and volunteer opportunities. These meetings are open to the UM community with a special focus on environmentally friendly student organizations, individuals, and anyone else looking to learn more and get involved in this space.

    Contact ECO Vice Chair Kathryn Doolittle to attend these regular meetings and to be added to the email group!

  • ECO Reps

    In partnership with the Office of Sustainability, the ECO Reps work to bring eco-friendly initiatives to their respective Residential Colleges on campus. ECO Reps also perform audits on recycling and energy use and do outreach educational events to promote “green” habits for their peer campus residents.

  • Food Recovery Network

    Food Recovery Network (FRN) is a national organization with a campus chapter under ECO Board. FRN works to reduce food waste and oversees the donation of excess food from the dining halls to local food banks. Their goal is to change the norm from food waste to food recovery in the United States.

  • ECO Board

    ECO Board is the executive board of ECO Agency and operates as a small team of highly motivated individuals seeking to make the University more sustainable through campus policy and projects. Board members work independently on their initiatives and each has a position title that corresponds with a specific subtopic of the environment. All ECO Board members are responsible for increasing awareness of existing initiatives and developing new proposals within their topic area. Each board member also oversees a group of Green Committee members that create projects and events of the same subtopic.

    Currently, ECO Board is not accepting applications for the Fall 2020 semester but feel
    free to reach out to ECO Chair Sofia Mesa with any questions about availability for the Spring.

Past Accomplishments


  • Food Alert Text Notifications
  • Grow Walls in Ungar, University Center, and Richter Library
  • Donating Excess Dining Hall Food
  • Solar Panels Array on Food Court
  • Sustainable Serving-Wear & Beyond Burger at the Rat
  • UThrift
  • Low Flow Shower heads in the Wellness Center
  • Dorm Room Recycling
  • Lake Osceola Signage
  • Energy Monitoring Kiosks
  • Undergraduate Sustainability Certificate


  • Low Waste Plant Based Teaching Kitchen
  • Greek Life Recycling at Tailgate
  • Food Day
  • Plastic Free Canes
  • Smoothies & Succulents
  • Tunnel of Oppression
  • Energy Saving Competition
  • Pampering Without Plastics
  • High Water Line Project

ECO Sponsorship

Are you planning an environmentally friendly University of Miami event for a student organization and looking for additional funding? Submit a request for ECO Sponsorship for the chance to receive financial support from ECO Agency! All requests are subject to review and approval by ECO Board.