ECO Agency

RedUce, ReUse, and Recycle for the U

Mission Statement: ECO Agency at the University of Miami aims promote an environmentally aware culture through implementing sustainable initiatives to protect campus ecosystems and their relationship to the student experience.

ECO’s vision is to build an environmentally friendly campus, promote green habits, educate and further awareness of environmentally-friendly practices, and to have fun, live big, and be green. They are inspired by our students, faculty, campus, the local environment and current green choices being made globally.

Get Involved with ECO!

Agency Board Freshman Seat

Every year the board is selected in the spring semester and one spot is reserved for an incoming student. This spot is only available for a Freshmen/New Student. Freshmen are also welcome to apply for the Green Committee. Follow us on Facebook @UMiamiECOAgency to get updates about applications and opportunities to get involved.

Green Committee

In order to get more student's involved with the work of ECO Agency, the Green Committee was established under the umbrella of the ECO Agency Board. Green Committee members assist ECO Agency board members on their projects and help execute ECO Agency events. Also, Green Committee members work on teams to complete their own sustainable initiatives like the ReUse Store at the campus Farmer's Market on Wednesdays, Recycle Mania, and can submit proposals for their own projects. All students are welcome to apply. 

ECO Reps

In partnership with the Office of Sustainability, the ECO Reps work to bring eco-friendly initiatives to their respective Residential Collages on campus. ECO Reps also perform audits on recycling and energy use and do outreach educational events to promote “green” habits for their peer campus residents. Contact Teddy Lhoutellier, University Sustainability Manager, to get involved.