Student Government Spring Elections 



All currently enrolled, full-time undergraduate students who have paid the student activity fee are eligible to vote in student government elections. You will be able to vote for president, vice president, and treasurer as well as senate seats that represent your academic school/college, living location, academic year, and special groups. 

All ballots include biographies, platforms, or initiatives for candidates so that you can make the best choice for you. Preview all candidates below. 

Executive Candidates (results pending trials)

Landon Coles (The UPROAR)

Presidential Candidate
From creating safe spaces to speaking across differences as the inaugural director of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our student government to my push for racial justice as the United Black Students president, the power of stories continues to fuel my passion for service each day. Through my own story, I try to exemplify that service and advocacy are active sports that require participation to ensure that all voices are heard. This campaign is the culmination of all of these efforts, in service to my institution. This campaign has never and will never simply hinge upon the end result. Rather, this campaign is about the journey in showing other students what they can do when you surround yourself with good people and seek to do good for others. We are not a moment, but a movement. And I hope to continue that movement for my community as your president.

Che Won Lee

Presidential Candidate
I am Che Won from Honolulu, HI studying Health Science in The School of Nursing and Health Studies and I wish to be your next President. I am not perfect, but I am a fighter, I am committed and passionate and I will bring these qualities to office and let your ideas be heard. I will show my commitment to you through my actions and commitment is what I will give to every component of the UM community. It’s your ideas, your concerns that will be heard, and your personalities that will help the University take a step forward. I hope to bring your ideas together and make a difference and make those lasting memories with you all. In the end, it’s not “I,” but us that will help continue this movement. And I will be honored to continue this journey as your president.

Amit Ashok

Vice Presidential Candidate

Hey Canes! My name is Amit Ashok and I am running to be your student government Vice- President. Currently, I am a freshman majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Public health and Management. In my free time I like to play tennis and piano, but hey this isn’t about me. I’m running in order to make the visions of my fellow canes not only a possibility but a reality. Last year I served as the Region 4 parliamentarian for Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). During this term my modo was “Dream BIG.” In saying so we took many of the visions of our members and made them into a true reality. I believe that in order to make visions a reality, it starts with strong leadership with big intentions. Let’s do this Canes! 

Ajiri Uzere (The UPROAR)

Vice Presidential Candidate
I am Ajiri, a third year student studying Political Science and Psychology. With two years of service on Student Government’s Freshman Leadership Council and one year on the Outreach Committee, I am honored to be running for your next Vice President. My undergraduate career has been dedicated to creating a community that equips all students to be their most successful selves. To achieve this, I have worked strategically across our campus, from creating the multicultural mentorship program “Beyond the Horizons” to serving as the Vice President of African Students Union. My roles as the Vice Chair of Homecoming and the President of Miami International Relations Association are also dedicated to creating inclusive environments. I strive to work towards a “U” that demonstrates its belief in values of equity and inclusion, not just for right now but for years to come. Being your Vice President will allow me to achieve this.

Grace Tenke (The UPROAR)

Treasurer Candidate
I am a junior from Glen Cove, New York studying Finance, Marketing, and Management in the Miami Herbert Business School. Since arriving at the “U”, I have served as the President of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, as Logistics Chair for What Matters to U in Student Government, and am a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha. I have worked to continue the traditions of the university through my efforts as Chair of Homecoming and to foster a greater sense of community as a Community Assistant in Lakeside Village, member of P100, and member of the Hyperion Council. Moreover, I was recently welcomed into Omicron Delta Kappa in Fall 2020. I am elated to be a part of The Uproar and I value my experience on campus. I am eager to make lasting change at the university and would be honored to serve as your Student Government Treasurer.

Senate Winners

Maliyah Perkins (Bears, beets, and babes in office)

College of Arts & Sciences Senator

Ella Understein (Bears, beets, and babes in office)

College of Arts & Sciences Senator

Paulina Padilla

Commuter Spring Senator

Roger Saumure (Spring Incumbent)

Commuter Fall Senator

Branden With (Incumbent)

Miami Herbert Business School Senator

Isaiah Alzume

School of Communication Senator

Christine Marsell

Transfer Senator

Kayla Mathai

Remote Learning Senator

Spring 2021 Elections Calendar

  • Wednesday, January 27 @ 8:00am - Filing for Candidacy Opens
  • Tuesday, February 2 @ 9:15 pm - Mandatory Referenda Writing Workshop (only for candidates representing a referendum)
  • Wednesday, February 3 @ 7:00pm - Informational Meeting
  • Sunday, February 7 @ 11:59pm - Filing for Candidacy Closes
  • Monday, February 8 @ 9:15pm  - Mandatory Candidates Meeting
  • Tuesday, February 9 @ 8:00am - Interim Period Begins
    • Candidates may reach out to student organizations, declare their intent for candidacy, and set up appearances and/or coordinate campaigning
  • Monday, February 15 @ 8:00am - Graphic Campaigning Begins
    • Candidates may begin distributing information about their candidacy and encourage voter participation
  • Monday, February 15 - Meet the Candidates Virtual Platform Day
    • Elections Commission Instagram
  • Thursday, February 18 @ 5:00-7:00pm - Debate & Candidate Q&A
  • Monday, February 22 @ 12:01am  - Elections - Day 1
    • All currently enrolled full-time undergraduate students who have paid their activity fee can vote
    • Vote on Engage
  • Tuesday, February 23 - Elections - Day 2
  • Wednesday, February 24 - Elections - Day 3
    • Financial Reports for Candidates due @ 11:59 pm
    • Polls Close @ 11:59pm
  • Thursday, February 25 @ 12:00pm - Election Results Announced
    • Virtual Location: SG Elections Instagram
    • In-person Location: Lakeside Patio Stage


If a Senate Candidate fails to achieve plurality or an Executive Candidate fails to achieve majority, runoff elections may happen

  • Thursday, February 25 Graphic Campaigning for Runoff begins
  • Monday, March 1 @ 12:01am - Runoff Elections - Day 1
  • Tuesday, March 2@ 11:59pm - Runoff Elections Polls Close
  • Wednesday, March 3 @ 12:00pm - Runoff Elections Results Announced
    • Zoom Meeting ID: TBA
    • In-person Location: Lakeside Patio Stage

Resources for Candidates

Court Updates

Two pending trials. Information to be released soon.

Common Questions

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  • What does filing for candidacy and running mean?

    Filing for candidacy means that you are indicating that you want to be involved in Student Government and you would like to represent your fellow students.

    For students interested in executive positions:

    • any currently enrolled, full time undergraduate student can vote for you.

    For students interested in senate:

    • Only students who fall into that group are eligible to vote for the representative of that group.
    Students who run for positions often campaign to educate voters about why they are the best candidate for a specific position. Campaign materials may include palm cards, t-shirts, flyers, emails, etc.

    Candidates are able to spend money on their campaign items, but they may spend no more than $300 for senate candidates or $1,000 collectively for executive candidates. Spending money is not a mandatory part of campaigning, but whether you spend money or not, you must submit a financial form to the Elections Commission by 10:00am on Thursday, February 20.

  • What are the qualifications to file for candidacy?

    To run, you must have at least a 2.5 GPA for the Senate and a 2.75 GPA for Executive positions. Our advisors will also check discipline records for all candidates. In the Senate, you can only run for seats of which you are a constituent - for example, if you are in the College of Arts and Sciences, are a Junior, live off-campus, and are a Veteran student, you would only be eligible to run for one of those seats.

  • What is included in the application to file for candidacy?

    Candidates will share their preferred name, bio to be featured on the ballot, headshot for the ballot, and seat running. Additional information including contact information, academic school/college, GPA, and other enrollment verification information. 

    The application also requires that candidates have read, reviewed, and will abide by the election codes. Check out a blank application from last Spring.

    Please note: candidates who are running on a ticket will have an additional page to complete related to their running mates and ticket name. 

  • I'm planning to be a candidate. What happens if I do not attend the Candidates Meeting or Referenda Workshop?

    If you are running for candidacy - Senate or Executive - you must attend the meeting to learn about the election codes and receive confirmation that you meet all eligibility requirements. If you do not attend the meeting, you cannot run.

  • What is a ticket?

    A ticket is a group of people who are all running for their seats together - meaning that they would be working towards and accomplishing the same goals if elected. To be a ticket you much fall in to no more than one of these categories:

    • Candidates running for a single school (Senate)
    • Candidates running for a single academic class (Senate)
    • Candidates running for a residential constituency (Senate)
    • Candidates running for a unique population (Senate)
    • Candidates running for President, Vice President and/or Treasurer (Executive)

  • Do candidates have to follow specific rules?

    Yes, candidates must follow the election codes. The Elections Commission works hard to ensure a fair election. They enforce and maintain Election Codes that ALL candidates and other students campaigning for candidates must follow. You can access the elections codes here

  • Is there somewhere that I can report a candidate who I think is behaving inappropriately?

    The goal of the Elections Commission is to create a fair and open election. If you think someone may be breaking an outlined rule, please contact an elections commissioner.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question?

    The Elections Commission runs elections. All questions related to elections should be directed to the Chair - sgelections@miami.edu.