Student Government elections continue with a runoff for the position of Vice President. To win, top two candidates-Shirley and Jason-must receive 50% plus 1 vote. Vote now before the ballot closes on Tuesday. February 25 at 11:59 pm.

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Vice President Candidate Information

Shirley Gelman

Meet Shirley Gelman! Shirley is a junior from St. Louis, Missouri, double-majoring in the Miami Herbert Business School. She is passionate about women’s empowerment, improving inclusion in SG, and mentorship. Shirley began her time in Student Government on the Freshman Leadership Council. As your VP, she hopes to mentor the same group of First-Year student leaders that first inspired her. After FLC, Shirley served on the UOutreach Committee, and she is now the Day of Show Chair for the Student Engagement Planning Agency, bringing Megan Rapinoe to campus! As a leader in the Greek Community, Shirley is Vice President of Membership for Delta Delta Delta sorority. Shirley hopes to bring Chipotle to campus, institute a tuition freeze, and improve transportation for all students. Shirley is also Student Government’s representative to both the President’s Coalition on Sexual Assault Prevention, and the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC). She also danced on the Sunsations Dance Team, and remains active within Hillel and Latinnx communities. Shirley is eager to continue her advocacy, and foster inclusive cultures of growth to aspiring leaders across our campus. 
Jason Perez Hi! I’m Jason Perez, and I would like to be your Student Government Vice President. I am a junior from Miami, Florida, studying political science and communication studies, and I hope to attend law school after I graduate. I joined student government my freshman year and have been a member ever since. This year my job is to be a liaison between SG and the Counseling Center, and to work with them to improve the campus climate around mental health and decrease stigma. Asides from SG, I am also an RA in the University Village and a member of ODK honor society. I'm ALL IN because I want to strengthen the connection between SG and the people it represents, and make sure that it’s an org where every student feels included and that they can bring us an idea and turn it into a project. Are you ALL IN?

Spring 2020 Election Winners

President: Abigail Adeleke

Treasurer: Amanda Rodriguez

College of Arts and Sciences: Reginald Atkins & Tuana Tazici

Miami Herbert Business School: Brendan With

School of Communication: Brandi Stevens

Commuter: Avani Choudhary & Monica Muñiz

Transfer: Lara Hopkins

Elections Calendar

  • February 24-25 12:00am-11:59pm: Runoff Elections
  • February 27 @ 12:00pm: RUNOFF RESULTS ANNOUNCED

Resources for Candidates

  • Graphic Campaign Material Approval Request (Runoffs) - All candidates are required to adhere to the election codes; use this form to submit graphics for approval
  • Financial Report (Runoff) - Candidates must indicate if they spent money, even if they spent none, and share what they spent money on; completion of this form is mandatory by February 20 @ 10:00am
  • Campaign Violations (Runoff) - Candidates who violate the election codes are subject to penalties; if you have questions, please contact your assigned Elections Commissioner before submitting a violation request for review

Court Updates


  • Trial 1 - ALL IN ticket members - Found liable and assessed 15 points; 5 points remain
  • Trial 2 - Level Up ticket members - Found liable and assessed 14 points; 6 points remain
  • Trial 3 - ALL IN ticket members - Found not responsible
  • Trial 4 - ALL IN ticket members - Found not responsible
  • Trial 5 - Level Up ticket members - Found not responsible


Common Questions

  • What does filing for candidacy and running mean?

    Filing for candidacy means that you are indicating that you want to be involved in Student Government and you would like to represent your fellow students.

    For students interested in executive positions:

    • any currently enrolled, full time undergraduate student can vote for you.

    For students interested in senate:

    • Only students who fall into that group are eligible to vote for the representative of that group.
    Students who run for positions often campaign to educate voters about why they are the best candidate for a specific position. Campaign materials may include palm cards, t-shirts, flyers, emails, etc.

    Candidates are able to spend money on their campaign items, but they may spend no more than $300 for senate candidates or $1,250 collectively for executive candidates. Spending money is not a mandatory part of campaigning, but whether you spend money or not, you must submit a financial form to the Elections Commission by 10:00am on Thursday, February 20.

  • What are the qualifications to file for candidacy?

    To run, you must have at least a 2.5 GPA for the Senate and a 2.75 GPA for Executive positions. Our advisors will also check discipline records for all candidates. In the Senate, you can only run for seats of which you are a constituent - for example, if you are in the College of Arts and Sciences, are a Junior, live off-campus, and are a Veteran student, you would only be eligible to run for one of those seats.

  • What is included in the application to file for candidacy?

    Candidates will share their preferred name, bio to be featured on the ballot, headshot for the ballot, and seat running. Additional information including contact information, academic school/college, GPA, and other enrollment verification information. 

    The application also requires that candidates have read, reviewed, and will abide by the election codes. Check out a blank application from this Spring.

    Please note: candidates who are running on a ticket will have an additional page to complete related to their running mates and ticket name. 

  • I'm planning to be a candidate. What happens if I do not attend the Candidates Meeting or Referenda Workshop?

    If you are running for candidacy - Senate or Executive - you must attend the meeting to learn about the election codes and receive confirmation that you meet all eligibility requirements. If you do not attend the meeting, you cannot run.

  • What is a ticket?

    A ticket is a group of people who are all running for their seats together - meaning that they would be working towards and accomplishing the same goals if elected. To be a ticket you much fall in to no more than one of these categories:

    • Candidates running for a single school (Senate)
    • Candidates running for a single academic class (Senate)
    • Candidates running for a residential constituency (Senate)
    • Candidates running for a unique population (Senate)
    • Candidates running for President, Vice President and/or Treasurer (Executive)

  • Do candidates have to follow specific rules?

    Yes, candidates must follow the election codes. The Elections Commission works hard to ensure a fair election. They enforce and maintain Election Codes that ALL candidates and other students campaigning for candidates must follow. You can access the elections codes here

  • Is there somewhere that I can report a candidate who I think is behaving inappropriately?

    The goal of the Elections Commission is to create a fair and open election. If you think someone may be breaking an outlined rule, please contact an elections commissioner.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question?

    The Elections Commission runs elections. All questions related to elections should be directed to the Chair - sgelections@miami.edu.