Elections Commission

The purpose of the Student Government Elections Commission is to organize and coordinate all aspects of SG Elections in the fall and spring. The duties of Elections Commission are to review and approve all SG applications and campaign materials, to plan and organize elections events including Meet the Candidates and presidential debates, to enforce elections codes, and to present all violations to Trial Court for hearings. In addition, the Elections Commission determines the polling times and locations, over sees polling sites, tabulates all votes, and announces elections results.

2017-2018 Election Commissioners

  • Luis Goberna, Chairman
  • Daniel Nepomechie, Vice Chairman 
  • Stephen Angell, Commissioner
  • Emily Brady, Commissioner 
  • Aaron Chait, Commissioner
  • Amanda Chen, Commissioner
  • Anoop Desai, Commissioner
  • Sahana Kamisetty, Commissioner
  • Stephanie McKenna, Commissioner
  • Meredith Morris, Commissioner
  • Jordan Orriols, Commissioner 
  • Neemi Patel, Commissioner
  • Neha Raja, Commissioner
  • Rohit Reddy, Commissioner
  • Camila Vizcarrondo, Commissioner
  • Gregory Zaroogian, Commissioner