Meet the Board

Chair Alec Jimenez – Denver, CO

Major: Architectural Engineering
Minor: Ecosystem Science & Policy
Initiative(s): Student Government Executive Board and Solar Energy
Bio: Alec is a senior and this is his second year in ECO Agency, but started as a member of the Green Committee. He is also a President’s 100 Ambassador, Toppel Career Center Advisory Board Member, and Co-founded OUT in STEM (an LGBT+ professional organization). Previously he was a Resident Assistant in Eaton and an Orientation Fellow. He wants to become a “Double ‘Cane” with a Masters in Construction Management and dreams to work for the US Green Building Council.

Vice Chair Taryn Dennie – Atlanta, GA

Major: Ecosystem Science and Policy
Minor: Anthropology
Initiative(s): Outreach and Green Committee Liaison
Bio: Taryn is a junior and this is her third year in ECO Agency, she held the freshmen seat during her first year at UM. She is also the co-founder of the Food Recovery Network chapter at UM and is an intern in the Office of Sustainability.

Board Member Stefanie Getz  - St. Louis, MO

Major: Environmental Engineering
Initiative(s): Food Day Organizer, Recycling and Sustainable Food Education
Bio: Stefanie is a junior working toward a Certificate in Sustainability. This is her second year in ECO Agency and previously was on Green Committee. She also is on the eboard for the Florida Water Environment Association, Club Swim Team, and is involved with SCUBA club. She hopes to work in sustainability management or environmental engineering after graduation. She is dedicated to living sustainably and helping and educating others to do the same.

Board Member and ECO Agency Senator Sianna Vacca -  Fort Myers, FL

Major: Marine Affairs and Political Science
Minor: Ecosystem Science and Policy
Initiative: Installing Low-Flow Showerheads and Reflective Window Glazing
Bio: Sianna is a sophomore and also the Cultural Chair for La Federación de Estudiantes Cubanos and an intern at UM’s Shark Research and Conservation Program. This will be her second year in ECO Agency and she is so excited to continue her low-flow showerhead initiative in an effort to decrease overall water consumption on campus.

Board Member Nathan Furman – Louisville, KY

Major: Electrical Engineering
Initiative(s): ECO Sponsorship Program, Green Tailgating
Bio: Nathan is a sophomore and this is his second year on the board, he also held the freshmen position his first year and was on the Freshman Leadership Council. He is a sustainability minded individual committed to helping prevent climate change and the overuse of the planet. He is a member of the Band of the Hour Marching Band, on the Homecoming Executive Committee, and is a First Year Fellow. He hopes to help students enjoy all Miami and the world for years to come!

Board Member Talula Thibault – Southampton, MA

Major: Ecosystem Science and Policy
Minor: Spanish
Initiative(s): Gifford Arboretum Liaison, Frat Row Recycling
Bio: Talula is a sophomore and this is her first year on the ECO Agency Board, but was previously on Green Committee and the Freshman Leadership Council. She works to expand, maintain, and promote the on-campus botanical garden. She is also a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, a National Society of Collegiate Scholars PR chair, a Cane Buddy Mentor, and a desk assistant at Richter Library. Her mission in life is to be a personified Lorax, hopefully working as an environmental policymaker.

Board Member Andrea Candelaria – Miami, FL

Major: Ecosystem Science and Policy
Minor: Climate Science and Policy
Initiative(s): Monthly Outreach Events and Social Media Campaigns
Bio: Andrea is a junior and this is her first year in ECO Agency, she was previously a member of Green Committee. Also, she is currently involved with the Homecoming Executive Committee, Great Start, and Category 5. Her dream job is to someday work for the Department of Energy.

Board Member Blaire Slavin - Jupiter, FL

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Chemistry
Initiative(s): Recycling Education and Medical Campus Liaison
Bio: Blaire is a sophomore and this is her first year on the board. Last year she served on the Green Committee. She is extremely passionate about the environment and animals which is why she is also heavily involved in UPup, which raises service dogs on campus! Her dream job is to be a pediatric surgeon.

Board Member Nathan Rogers – Chicago, Illinois

Major: Marine and Atmospheric Science and Chemistry
Minor: Ecosystem Science and Policy
Initiative(s): Cox Solar Water Heater Update
Bio: Nathan is a Junior and this is his first year on the board, he was also a member of the Green Committee. He is currently a student research assistant at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science assisting in marine carbon research.

Board Member John Cline - St. Louis, MO

Major: Sports Administration
Minor: Marketing and Ecosystem Sciences and Policy
Initiative(s): Green Athletics Conference Organizer
Bio: John is currently a senior and this is his first year in ECO Agency. He is a foodie, avid outdoorsmen, and likes to stay active in his free time. Next year, he aspires to attend graduate school and continue to play an active role in his community, spreading the word about the importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Board Member Alia Giolitti Kent Island, MD

Major: Ecosystem Science and Policy
Minor: Biology, Geospatial Technology, and Religious Studies
Initiative(s): Plastic Reduction and Plastic Bag Ban Education
Bio: Alia is a junior and this is her first year on the board. She is also involved on campus with Scuba Club, Athletics tutoring, and is a global ambassador for study abroad. She is also currently interning at a non-profit environmental conservation documentary organization and embarking on as many study abroad programs as the school will allow. In her free time she loves to read, cook, bother friends about sustainability, and explore the city.

Board Member Deven Reyes – Miami, FL

Major: Undeclared Business
Initiative(s): Vertical Farming
Bio: Deven is a first year student and the freshmen seat holder in ECO Agency. He is also a member of Salsa Craze, and La Federación de Estudiantes Cubanos. He hopes to enrich the student body and bring a new perspective to the board. He comes from a Cuban born family and spends much of his time playing chess and at the beach. He is looking forward to what ECO has to offer to this year!

Board Member Delaney Reynolds - Miami, FL

Major: Marine Science and Biology
Minor: Chemistry 
Initiative(s): Increase Solar Energy on campus
Bio: Delaney is a freshman and an intern at the Shark Research and Conservation Lab. She's a climate activist and founder of The Sink or Swim Project, has helped write Florida's first Solar Law, and co-founded the Miami March for Science. She sits on the Miami-Dade County Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities Steering Committee and the CLEO Insititute Board of Directors. In 2017, Delaney was awarded the inaugural National Geographic Teen Service Award. She would like to see "The Sunshine State" become "THE Solar State."