The What Matters to U Agency (WMTU) is the newest addition to the Student Government family. Created in the Spring of 2019, WMTU strives to engage the entire student body.  

At its core, the purpose of WMTU is to devise, plan and execute events that will appeal to multiple facets of the student population at the University of Miami. Our flagship event – What Matters To U – is a moderated discussion series that does just that. WMTU aims to listen to the campus community and turn feedback into engaging events.

Josh Peck Event Flyer

What Matters to U Presents: Josh Peck

Thursday, October 21st, 2021

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Actor and social media sensation Josh Peck was born to entertain, hitting the stand-up comedy circuit at just eight years old. The former Nickelodeon teen star will be immediately recognizable to younger audiences (and their parents), delivering candid and funny insight into "making it" as a child star and beyond. Using his social media channels as an example, he also talks about the artistic and career freedom that comes with bypassing traditional media gatekeepers and connecting with audiences directly online.

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