Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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Landon Coles, DEI Chair, & Jamie Williams-Smith, Diversity Training Officer
Chelse Salnave, Student Organization Liaison, & Ian Malesiewski, Accessibility Services Liaison
Micah Council, Polling and Distribution Officer, & Gustavo Tovar, Student Life Liaison

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council was an initiative rooted in the intention to better foster a climate of empathy and belonging for the undergraduate Student Government of the University of Miami. Through innovative programming, diversity trainings, collaborative initiatives and cultural barometer surveys, the DEI Council will create infrastructure to better enrich the experiences of all students, particularly those of underserved and marginalized communities.

The Council’s overarching and long-term goals will be to:

  • Create infrastructure for a university-wide Diversity Center that supports various historically under-supported student groups;
  • Curate and execute a Student Government-wide and university-wide Diversity Plan for greater equity and inclusivity all students, faculty, and staff members;
  • Increase the volume of students of diversified backgrounds seeking leadership roles internally and externally to Student Government;
  • Better support and implement University of Miami President Julio Frenk’s vision for a Culture of Belonging;
  • Educate, inform, and work with students across all backgrounds to ensure all university community members feel included at the University of Miami.

Council Officers

This individual will labor to create and institute cultural barometer surveys, polls, demographic surveys and other formal mechanisms to gauge the campus climate both internally and externally to Student Government. This position is an integral component to the Council’s work as it will convey trends, attitudes and sentiments that will guide the Council’s work with regard to programing, trainings and collaborative initiatives.

This individual will partner and work closely alongside Student Life and all departments under this umbrella including the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) and the LGBTQ+ Center. This person will seek to strengthen the bonds of communication and collaboration with regard to programming, student engagement and diversity trainings. This individual will also have regular meetings with the departments aforementioned as well as with the Executive Director of Student Life.

This individual will seek to engage various student organizations across campus through participation in general body and executive board meetings. This individual will also collaborate with various special constituency senators in the legislative branch of Student Government to learn of student concerns, grievances, and act as a resource to ensure equitable participation and resources for various student groups. This individual will also seek student organizational input on initiatives and programming for the university.

Diversity is a broad, overarching and wide-reaching term that encompasses much and accessibility is sometimes overlooked. This individual will work alongside the Office of Disability Services (ODS), the Office of Institutional Culture and other groups to advocate for accessibility across the university’s campus including wheelchair accessibility, classroom inclusivity and online infrastructure that ensures equitable access for all student regardless of their disability.

The diversity training officer will work to curate and create presentations and exercises to better instill comprehension of diversity-related terminology, current events and the experiences of the students across campus. This individual will spearhead all trainings both internally and externally to Student Government and will partner closely with Student Government Senators and the Student Organization Liaison to bring forth trainings for all student groups to foster empathetic attitudes.

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