First-Year Leadership Council

The First-Year Leadership Council is a board within the Executive Branch of Student Government led by the Vice President along with several Project Coordinators. Members of the First-Year Leadership Council gain hands-on experience in completing projects and initiatives to enhance student life on campus. Throughout the year, students will participate in weekly meetings, retreats, mentorship programs, and social activities. During the weekly meetings, students are exposed to campus resources, guest speakers, leadership development activities, and opportunities to grow within Student Government. This unique opportunity will allow first-year students to make connections and build relationships with other UM students interested in building their leadership skills and making a difference on campus. Not only do students have the opportunity to network, but they also gain valuable knowledge and skills to leave a legacy at The U. Each year, we select 20 students who are in their first year of college and have not attended a college previously to be a part of this prestigious program. The First-Year Leadership Council is a great first step in getting involved on campus!