After FLC

Gyles Ward

2015-2016 FLC Cohort
2016-2017 Campus Liaison Council
2017-2018 & 2018-2019 Director of University Affairs
"FLC inspired me to take control of my student experience. My sophomore year I joined the Campus Liason Council (CLC) and had a blast! I was concerned that it would not be as fun or as meaningful as FLC but it turned out to be such a wonderful and educational experience. My Junior year I was chosen to lead CLC as the Director of University Affairs and be a part of the Student Government Executive Board. I was so surprised. I really did not think I would be given such a heavy responsibility as a Junior and to tell the truth, I didn't know if i was ready for it. In the end I learned so much and even though things did not always work out the way that I would have liked I am so grateful to have had the opportunity. What made it even more special was the fact that two of my FLC kin, Alex Klar and Evan De Joya were also chosen to serve on the SG Executive Board with me that year. Evan and I got to work closely together and have become strong allies. Going into my Senior year, I am happy to say that once again I will be working on the SG Executive Board with 3 FLC members from my year Evan de Joya, Valeria Velasco, and Catherine De Freitas. I say all that to say that FLC helped me to build strong and lasting relationships in my SG journey and gave me the tools I needed to become the person I am today."

Adrianna Ortega

2013-2014 FLC Cohort
2014-2015 & 2015-2016 Project Coordinator
"After my freshman year in FLC, I knew I wasn't ready to stop helping the council's growth. Since I was part of the first batch of freshmen, I decided to apply to become a project coordinator for the group, a position I held for 2 years. I would be in charge of 5 pairs of freshman, helping them to complete their projects and serving as a mentor. I absolutely loved being able to help mold the group and the young minds, helping them find their home at UM. This made me want to become a CaneBuddy mentor as well, to continue helping people at UM maximize their experiences. Within my sorority, I was on the executive board serving as the philanthropy chair. Part of what pushed me to applying for the executive board was because of my experience on FLC. The leadership skills, campus connections, and student relationships you form really help shape where you want to continue being a leader."

Spencer Schwartz

2017-2018 FLC Cohort
2018-2019 UOutreach Committee
2019-2020 SEPA Logistics Chair
2020-2021 SEPA Chair
"Being on FLC was the perfect kickstarter to my student government career. Working on the Canelink Redesign project taught me how to take action and reach out to administration about initiatives. I continued my journey on the Outreach committee. Planning and executing school-wide events was immensely rewarding. The following year, I served as Logistics Chair on the Student Engagement Planning Agency (SEPA). This experience tied together my love of coordination with administration with event planning, allowing me to plan events with upwards of 500 people surrounding a prominent speaker. My senior year I served as the Chair of SEPA, the ultimate pinnacle of my Student Government experience. I am so thankful for all that the organization has given me, and will take the values and skills I learned into all my future endeavors.”

Keegan Gibson

2016-2017 FLC Cohort
2017-2018 Academic Liaison Council
2018-2019 Director of Academic Affairs
"After my time in FLC, I became involved within academic-driven sectors of Student Government as a student liaison to the College of Arts & Sciences, and as the Director of Academic Affairs. These opportunities have allowed me to serve as a voice for all ‘Canes, working tirelessly on creating and presenting different initiatives to administrators with the intent of improving the academic experience. Outside of Student Government, I have had the opportunity to be a student researcher within the College of Engineering, as well as a member of the College Republicans, a cabinet member of the Council of International Students and Organizations, the Undergraduate Honor Council, an Orientation Fellow, and the student representative of the Faculty Senate. My experience in FLC taught me foundational leadership skills which ultimately enhanced my ability to network and efficiently complete assignments both in and out of the classroom. These skills have absolutely enabled me to maximize any opportunity I am given and to make a difference on campus."

Millie Chokshi

2016-2017 FLC Cohort
2017-2018 & 2018-2019 FLC Project Coordinator
2019-2020 Vice President
"I loved my freshman year experience on FLC so much that I knew without a doubt I wanted to remain a part of it the following year. My sophomore year I was able to serve as a project coordinator for FLC, guiding the freshmen towards completing their projects. Some project highlights we had include improving the lighting at the rock and holding a "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" themed orientation of the 2nd floor of the SSC. Throughout the year, the freshmen were also able to come to me for advice and I helped them with any issues they may have had. I loved being able to help show the freshmen what SG is all about and also help them learn more about UM. I loved all 20 freshmen and they constantly made me smile, and I am so excited to see everything they'll do at UM! I am so happy to be a FLC project coordinator again for my junior year of college, and I'm looking forward to a fun and productive year. Aside from SG, I'm also Vice President of Indian Students Association, on Homecoming Executive Committee, a COSO delegate, and a President's 100 Student Ambassador. FLC inspired me and provided me with the opportunities to get involved in several student organizations that I can truly say are the reasons I call UM home!"

Valeria Velasco

2015-2016 Cohort
2018-2019 Category 5 Chair
"I became a part of a few different families across campus during and after my time in FLC. I am a President’s 100 Student Ambassador for UM, I am a part of the Homecoming Executive Committee, I am a sister in the Upsilon Delta chapter of Chi Omega, and I am a part of Category 5 which is the Spirit Programming Board for the University. In these groups I have taken leadership positions in President’s 100 as the Scheduling Chair my Junior year and the Points and Accountability Co Chair my Senior year. I have also taken up positions in Category 5 as the Football Co Chair my Junior year and the Chair of the entire committee my Senior year. Since Category 5 is a sub agency of Student Government I also get the privilege of sitting on the Executive Board of SG."

Evan De Joya

2015-2016 Cohort
2016-2017 Academic Liaison Council
2017-2018 Director of Academic Affairs
2018-2019 President
"Towards the end of my time in FLC, we were able to learn about the different areas of Student Government from presentations during our meetings, and I decided to apply for the Academic Liaison Council (ALC). I served on ALC working with the Office of the Registrar, Toppel Career Center, Study Abroad, and Financial Assistance and Student Employment through my sophomore year, and at the end of the was asked to serve as the Director of Academic Affairs. My junior year, I served as the Director of Academic Affairs on the Executive Board, alongside several people I had met in FLC. It was really great to see how we had all stayed involved in Student Government and grown since we’d left FLC. In the spring of my junior year, I ran for and was elected President of Student Government on a ticket with Catherine De Freitas, who I’d also met in FLC. As I enter my senior year, looking back, FLC definitely laid the groundwork for my involvement in SG at UM, and I’m incredibly grateful to have had this experience. Not only was I able to learn about how work on projects and initiatives, but FLC also enabled me to connect with many of the who I work with today."

Emily Gossett

2016-2017 Cohort
2017-2018 UOutreach Committee
2018-2019 Chief of Staff
2019-2020 President
"After FLC I joined the UOutreach Committee where I was part of a small committee that coordinated programming events on campus on behalf of SG. I got to better my skills at understanding how to put on an event that would reach the entire student body. I also loved getting to interect with other students outside of SG. We were the face of Student Government and it was such a fun and useful way to spend my sophomore year on SG. I am currently a rising Junior and am the current Chief of Staff. As the the Chief of Staff I help Evan Cathy and Rafa keep the committees on track with their projects by coordinating the Monthly Progress Reports, I attend Senate meetings, I take minutes at SG executive meeting minutes, and I manage SG internally and make sure everyone is on track. I love having the opportunity to work with so many different people in different committees as well as senators who I have never had the chance to work with. This year I hope to build an even more cohesive environment for SG and build even stronger communication amongst all the branches and committees. Outside of SG I am currently serving as the Vice-Chair for Greek Week and as an AGLO programming coordinator. I also am currently an Orientation Leader."

Catherine De Freitas

2015-2016 Cohort
2016-2017 FLC Leadership Development Coordinator
2018-2019 Vice-President
"After my time in FLC, I was so passionate about the program that I decided to apply to be the Leadership Development Coordinator for my Sophomore year. Being on the other side of FLC my second year, I learned the importance of mentoring students. As the Leadership Development Coordinator, I planned social gatherings, retreats, guest speakers, and workshops for the new freshman. I gained 20 new students that I adored and cared for, and to them I was a someone they could look up to and turn to for advice. It was a very rewarding experience as I got to help so many of these freshman from Student Government projects to personal issues that we all encounter our freshman year. After forming two families within FLC, I knew that not only did I want to continue being a leader in SG but I also wanted to continue my legacy in the FLC. Thus, I decided to run for Vice President of Student Government my Junior year of college on the UFirst ticket and I could not be more excited to lead the Freshman Leadership Council my Senior year of college."