Monthly Progress Reports

April Monthly Progress Report

February Progress Report

Fans at the Gliders

The Fans at the Gliders project was designed in order to provide a way for students to cool down during the hot months in South Florida. Before school started, we ordered four clip-on fans to be tested at the Rathskeller. This past month we have been working with Rathskeller management to plan our testing of the glider fans. Once the weather starts to warm and the wind is suitable for testing conditions, our team plans on scheduling a test period where the fans can be tested, modified, and optimized for the ideal customer experience.

Student Government Apparel

The Student Government Apparel project was created in order to create various clothing designs for student government members to wear. This month we have designed a long sleeve shirt for the Student Government organization. We have sent e-mails to four different vendors in order to compare prices and determine the optimal vendor to purchase from. Also, we met with the SG Treasurer in order to figure out budget and costs. By the end of February, we will be placing our order for the shirts and distribute them to the members of Student Government. Next month, we plan on creating designs for various SG apparel that will be available to purchase and creating surveys to find out overall interest in various apparel.

Student Discount Cards

The University of Miami Student Discount Project was designed to provide students with a list of companies that offer discounts to UM students. To begin, we contacted a multitude of companies and vendors near the university to determine who would provide discounts. After a series of phone calls were complete, twenty-six businesses were established to be participating in offering discounts. This information was translated into several website-friendly infograms which were posted on the student government page. Instead of using a palm card, we decided to use a business card that had a QR code printed on it. This QR code will direct students to the student government website containing the discounts, as mentioned previously. One thousand discount cards were ordered using the website Vistaprint.  In order to bring awareness to this project we will be tabling in the Breezeway and handing out the business cards directly to students.

November Progress Report


October Progress Report


Dooly Food Cart 

The Dooly Food Cart project was created by FLC with the goal of installing a new food cart option to replace the Halfmoon empanada stand in Dooly Memorial to provide the student body with a food option better suited to its needs and desires. This month we have met with Brandon Gross to discuss our timeline and faculty resources for the project, as well as brainstormed ideas for new food cart options. We have met with Michael Ross from Chart Wells to further brainstorm and discuss the next steps in implementing our project. Next month, we hope to do multiple tabling events to survey the student body about what food options are desired at the Dooly cart. 

SG Member Appreciation

This is the first year that SG Member Appreciation has been a project for FLC, and we are extremely excited to be pioneers for this new endeavor. Our goal is to express gratitude for the individual members, boards, and committees that make up Student Government. So far, we have attended a UOutreach meeting in which we surprised the members with Dunkin Donuts. We also created a survey for all members to nominate their peers who they believe deserve appreciation. Using the results, we have selected individuals that will randomly be surprised by us with a little gift. This survey is on-going, so keep nominating people! We also have an SG-wide project in the works--a potluck. This event is scheduled to take place November 14th from 11am-4pm in the SG suite.