Monthly Progress Reports

October Progress Report


Dooly Food Cart 

The Dooly Food Cart project was created by FLC with the goal of installing a new food cart option to replace the Halfmoon empanada stand in Dooly Memorial to provide the student body with a food option better suited to its needs and desires. This month we have met with Brandon Gross to discuss our timeline and faculty resources for the project, as well as brainstormed ideas for new food cart options. We have met with Michael Ross from Chart Wells to further brainstorm and discuss the next steps in implementing our project. Next month, we hope to do multiple tabling events to survey the student body about what food options are desired at the Dooly cart. 

SG Member Appreciation

This is the first year that SG Member Appreciation has been a project for FLC, and we are extremely excited to be pioneers for this new endeavor. Our goal is to express gratitude for the individual members, boards, and committees that make up Student Government. So far, we have attended a UOutreach meeting in which we surprised the members with Dunkin Donuts. We also created a survey for all members to nominate their peers who they believe deserve appreciation. Using the results, we have selected individuals that will randomly be surprised by us with a little gift. This survey is on-going, so keep nominating people! We also have an SG-wide project in the works--a potluck. This event is scheduled to take place November 14th from 11am-4pm in the SG suite.