Executive Branch

Executive Board

The Executive Board forms the core leadership group of Student Government. Consisting of three officials elected by the student body, appointed members, and the leaders of the other branches, this group meets weekly to set guiding policies and work on campus-wide projects for Student Government.

Executive Officers

Abigail Adeleke
Vice President
Shirley Gelman
Amanda Rodriguez

Executive Committee

Chief of Staff
Sabrina Ginsburg
 Director of Academic Affairs
Jacob Li
Director of Communications
Michelle Marino
Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)
Landon Coles
Director of University Affairs
Samantha Jimenez
Executive-at-Large External
Sophia Gomez
Executive-at-Large Internal
Alex Valen

Branch Leadership

Speaker of the Senate
Alexander LaBarbera
 Speaker Pro-Tempore
Shrey Patel
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Jaime Harn

Agency Leadership

 Elections Commission Co-Chair
Sam Fagan
 Elections Commission Co-Chair
Kruti Patel
Category 5 Chair
Mattingly Bartole

ECO Agency Chair
Sofia Mesa
What Matters to U Agency (WMTU) Chair
Spencer Schwartz