Executive Branch


Executive Board

The Executive Board forms the core leadership group of Student Government. Consisting of three officials elected by the student body, appointed members, and the leaders of the other branches, this group meets weekly to set guiding policies and work on campus-wide projects for Student Government.

Executive Officers

Adrian Nuñez
Miami, Florida
Management, Political Science
Vice President
Coleman Reardon
Cohoes, New York
Public Relations, Political Science
Emily Bajalia
Jacksonville, FL

Executive Committee

Chief of Staff
Brianna Hernandez
Miami, FL
Political Science, History
Director of Academic Affairs
Evan De Joya
Wilmette, Illinois
Biology, Geography
Executive-at-Large External
Alex Klar
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Public Health, Spanish
Director of Communications
Maria Bucarano
Santa Clara, Cuba
Director of University Affairs
Gyles Ward
Nassau, Bahamas
Executive-at-Large Internal
Celeste Balboni
Carlisle, Massachusetts
Intercultural Communication Studies, Spanish

Branch Leadership

Speaker of the Senate
Henson Destiné
Paris, France
Microbiology & Immunology, Economics
Speaker Pro-Tempore
David Mejia
Miami, Florida
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Sy Lam
Miami, Florida

Agency Leadership

Elections Commission Chair
Luis Goberna
Miami, Florida
Economics, Finance
Category 5 Chair
Rachel Russel
Baltimore, Maryland
Public Relations
ECO Agency Chair
Alec Jimenez
Denver, Colorado
Architectural Engineering