Senate Committees

Policy and Finance

The Policy & Finance (PF) committee works with Senators along with the Student Government Treasurer and Chief Justice of the Student Government Supreme Court. During meetings, the committee meets with representatives from student organizations all over campus so that Student Government can co-sponsor events that are free and open to all students. The committee co-sponsors events so that student organizations have the funding they need to successfully execute planned events. The committee also works with the Supreme Court and other interested parties to propose any constitutional changes or amendments to the Student Government Constitution or Statutes like adding seats to the Senate

Senate's Policy and Finance Committee meets every Tuesday at 5:30 PM in the Vista Room on the Third Floor of the Student Center.

Katie Kean
Policy and Finance Chair
Commuter Senator (Spring 2018-2019)

Randall Fitzgerald
Policy and Finance Vice Chair
Pearson Seantor (Fall 2018-2019)

University Affairs

University Affairs (UA) is a Senate committee that works on various initiatives around campus for the betterment of the UM community. Our committee focuses primarily on campus issues/projects such as those with facilities, dining, parking/transportation etc. We partner with CLC in the Executive Branch and on-campus departments to work on small-scale and large-scale projects to meet the needs of UM students. Senators in this committee get an opportunity to have a hands-on experience in promoting change on our campus while building connections with campus professionals. 

Senate's University Affairs Committee meets every Tuesday at 6:00 PM in the Vista Room on the Third Floor of the Student Center.

Sri Ravipati
University Affairs Chair
Mahoney Residential College Senator (Fall 2017-2018)

Victoria Max
University Affairs Vice Chair
Freshman Class Senator (Fall 2017-2018)

Public Relations

The Public Relations (PR) Committee in the University of Miami Student Government is responsible for publicizing Senate Initiatives, creating projects that build connections between the students and Senators, and forging a stronger bound among Senators. Our aim is to publicize information and knowledge founded by Student Government, to the general student population. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and continuing to strengthen campus knowledge of Student Government affairs!

Meetings are conducted on Mondays at 5 p.m. in the Citizens Board Conference Room on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.
Abigail Adeleke
Public Relations Chair
Stanford Residential College Senator (Fall 2017-2018)
Nishan Ravichandran
Public Relations Vice Chair
College of Arts and Sciences (Fall 2017-2018)

Academic Affairs

In conjunction with the Academic Liaison Council, the Academic Affairs (AA) committee is aimed at ensuring the best possible experience for students in the classroom. We work with financial aid, student accounts, the registrar, faculty and other offices on campus to express student concerns. From making syllabi available when choosing classes to ensuring student rights, the Academic Affairs’ initiatives will improve academic life across the university. We aim to represent all student concerns and work with faculty to make sure those students are met. Our overall goal is to make sure that UM remains an excellent academic institution that cultivates a culture of learning, innovation, and creativity.

Senate's Academic Affairs Committee meets every Monday at 7pm in the Citizens Board Conference Room on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.

Ashlyn Coleman
Academic Affairs Chair
Junior Class Senator (Fall 2017-2018)

Elizabeth Rodriguez
Academic Affairs Vice Chair
Freshman Class Senator (Fall 2017-2018)