About Us

Student Government is divided into three branches:

  • Executive leads and represents the entire student body to administration while completing projects and initiatives.
  • Legislative represents specific student populations to better the individual student experience.
  • Judicial regulates and educates Student Government to ensure ethical action.

There are also four agencies that operate as part of Student Government:

  • Category 5 (Cat 5) works with UM Athletics and is the spirit programming board of Student Government.
  • ECO Agency builds an environmentally friendly campus through student-led initiatives.
  • Elections Commission coordinates and officiates free and fair Student Government elections.
  • What Matters to U develops and executes events that get students learning outside of the classroom. 

Student Government plans and implements campus-wide initiatives that affect academics, campus life, dining, and so much more. Learn more about what we're up to at our Initiatives page.

Executive Branch

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  • First-Year Leadership Council (FLC)

    Led by the Vice President along with several Project Coordinators, members of the First-Year Leadership Council gain hands-on experience in completing projects and initiatives to enhance student life on campus. Throughout the year, students will participate in weekly meetings, retreats, mentorship programs, and social activities. During the weekly meetings, students are exposed to campus resources, guest speakers, leadership development activities, and opportunities to grow within Student Government. This unique opportunity will allow first-year students to make connections and build relationships with other UM students interested in building their leadership skills and making a difference on campus. Not only do students have the opportunity to network, but they also gain valuable knowledge and skills to leave a legacy at The U. Each year, we select 20 students who are in their first year of college and have not attended a college previously to be a part of this prestigious program. The First-Year Leadership Council is a great first step in getting involved on campus!

  • Outreach Committee

    The Outreach Committee plans and executes campus-wide events to promote interaction between members of Student Government and the general student body. Outreach Committee hosts multiple programming events including Student Government Did That Week and Study Space at the Rat each semester. Also, Outreach partners with the Elections Commission to encourage students to vote in Student Government elections through the event 'Donut Forget to Vote.'

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council (DEI)

    The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council was an initiative rooted in the intention to better foster a climate of empathy and belonging for the undergraduate Student Government of the University of Miami. Through innovative programming, diversity trainings, collaborative initiatives and cultural barometer surveys, the DEI Council will create infrastructure to better enrich the experiences of all students, particularly those of underserved and marginalized communities.

  • Academic Liaison Council (ALC)

    The Academic Liaison Council (ALC) is comprised of students encompassing all undergraduate schools and colleges as well as all areas of academic enhancement at the University of Miami. The liaisons serve as direct points of contact to the administrators of these different academic areas and work on multiple projects throughout the year to improve and enhance the academic experience of all students. Liaisons often collaborate within ALC as well as in other areas of SG, such as with their Senate counterparts. This council provides liaisons a unique opportunity to foster working relationships with upper administration and to advocate for the most effective and efficient education for students in their area and across campus.

  • Campus Liaison Council (CLC)

    The Campus Liaison Council fosters communication between various areas of campus and SG. Student liaisons regularly communicate relevant SG projects and initiatives to their respective administrative departments and serve as the student body representative to those departments.The areas that the Council works with are: Auxiliary and Dining Services, Campus Facilities and Security, Health and Wellness, Library and Information Technology, and Parking and Transportation.

  • Board of Communications (BoC)

    The Board of Communications (BoC) is responsible for the marketing, public relations, and promotional services of Student Government. It was created to promote transparency and further Student Government's mission of establishing a meaningful connection with the student body. The Board serves all branches and agencies of Student Government by disseminating information through print media, news media, and social media.

Legislative Branch

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  • Senate

    The Senate and its officers are the supreme legislative power of Student Government. The Senate is led by the Speaker and the Speaker Pro Tempore. Senators represent academic, residential, organizational, and class constituencies.
    Senate has the power to:

    • Connect with and represent their fellow students via a constituency
    • Write legislation that recommends or calls for action from University administration
    • Propose referenda involving the Student Activity Fee
    • Ratify all Student Government appointments
    • Establish procedures and regulations for Student Government elections
    • Approve the Student Government budget as presented by the Treasurer
    • Review organizational appeals for SAFAC

  • Senate Committees: Academic Affairs (AA)

    In conjunction with the Academic Liaison Council, the Academic Affairs (AA) committee is aimed at ensuring the best possible experience for students in the classroom. We work with financial aid, student accounts, the registrar, faculty, and other offices on campus to express student concerns. From making syllabi available when choosing classes to ensure student rights, the Academic Affairs’ initiatives will improve academic life across the university. We aim to represent all student concerns and work with faculty to make sure those students are met. Our overall goal is to make sure that UM remains an excellent academic institution that cultivates a culture of learning, innovation, and creativity.

  • Senate Committees: Policy & Finance (P&F)

    The Policy & Finance (P&F) committee works with Senators along with the Student Government Treasurer and Chief Justice of the Student Government Supreme Court. During meetings, the committee meets with representatives from student organizations all over campus so that Student Government can co-sponsor events that are free and open to all students. The committee co-sponsors events so that student organizations have the funding they need to successfully execute planned events. The committee also works with the Supreme Court and other interested parties to propose any constitutional changes or amendments to the Student Government Constitution or Statutes like adding seats to the Senate.

  • Senate Committees: Public Relations (PR)

    The Public Relations (PR) Committee in the University of Miami Student Government is responsible for publicizing Senate Initiatives, creating projects that build connections between the students and Senators, and forging a stronger bond among Senators. Our aim is to publicize information and knowledge founded by Student Government, to the general student population. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and continuing to strengthen campus knowledge of Student Government affairs!

  • Senate Committees: University Affairs (UA)

    University Affairs (UA) is a Senate committee that works on various initiatives around campus for the betterment of the UM community. Our committee focuses primarily on-campus issues/projects such as those with facilities, dining, parking/transportation, etc. We partner with CLC in the Executive Branch and on-campus departments to work on small-scale and large-scale projects to meet the needs of UM students. Senators in this committee get an opportunity to have hands-on experience in promoting change on our campus while building connections with campus professionals.

Judicial Branch

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  • Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court is the judicial body of Student Government and is empowered to interpret and enforce the Constitution and Statutes of the University of Miami Student Government. It is responsible for hearing Elections Code violations and serves as a resource to Student Government for matters related to the Constitution and Statutes. As the Judicial Branch, the Court may also choose to invoke the power of judicial review. The Supreme Court is presided over by nine Justices and a non-voting Clerk of the Court.


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  • Category 5 (Cat 5)

    Category 5 is the Spirit Programming Board focused on preserving and implementing traditions related to sports and spirit at the University of Miami. It represents the student body and is the link between the Athletic Department and the students. Category 5 focuses on improving the in-game experiences for students to promote love of Alma Mater and cultivate supportive, notable and fun student sections. Through student-to-student communication, watch parties, giveaways, away trips, and events hosted in conjunction with Athletics, Category 5 aims to foster an infectious culture within the student body dedicated to supporting our ‘Canes!

  • ECO Agency (ECO)

    Founded in 2012, ECO Agency is the umbrella organization under Student Government that includes the committees: ECO Board, Green Committee, ECO Reps, and the Green Organization Coalition (GOC). ECO Agency creates an environmentally conscious culture by leading campus-wide initiatives that promote a sustainable student experience.

  • Elections Commission (EC)

    The purpose of the Student Government Elections Commission (EC) is to organize and coordinate all aspects of Student Government Elections in the fall and spring.

    EC reviews and approves all SG applications, enforces election codes, and presents violations to the Supreme Court for hearings. EC organizes election events to get students excited to run and vote including presidential debates and our favorite Do-nut Forget to Vote!

  • What Matters to U (WMTU)

    Created in the Spring of 2019, WMTU strives to engage the entire student body. At its core, the purpose of WMTU is to devise, plan and execute events that will appeal to multiple facets of the student population at the University of Miami. Our flagship event is a moderated discussion series that does just that. WMTU aims to listen to the campus community and turn feedback into engaging events.