We are always hard at work to make your UM experience the best it can be! 

Projects Highlights from the Current Administration:

  • Solar Phone Charging Umbrellas
  • Student FanZone 
  • Student Government Speaker Series
  • Lighting at The Rock
  • Peer Mentorship Program
  • Levante/Art School Shuttle Stop

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Project Highlights from Past Administrations:

  • Shalala Student Center: Spring 2006 (Proposed Via Referendum) // Recommended that UM build a larger student center than the University Center.
  • Smoke-Free Campus: Fall 2013 // Developed the smoke-free campus initiative.
  • Full Week Off For Thanksgiving: Fall 2013 // Expanded Thanksgiving break from a 4-day weekend (Thursday and Friday off) to a full week.
  • Outdoor Fitness Court: Spring 2014 // Created an outdoor fitness court by the IM fields.
  • Plus One Scholarships: Fall 2014 // Provided students with an opportunity to spend an extra semester or extra year at UM to study something they are interested in.
  • Metrorail Passes: Spring 2015 // Provided students who have class at the medical campus with free Metrorail passes.
  • Shuttles to Wynwood Artwalk: Spring 2015 // Developed a shuttle system to Wynwood Art Walk.
  • Sebastian’s Closet: Fall 2015 // Worked with Toppel to give students a way to rent professional clothes for interviews and networking events.
  • Commencement Ball: Spring 2016 // Organized the first ever Commencement Ball in conjunction with the Office of Alumni Relations.
  • Spring Send-Off: Spring 2016 // Senior Send-Off to celebrate graduating seniors.
  • Solar Panels: Spring 2016 // Put solar panels on the roof of the Hurricane Food Court.