Student Government Awards

Annually, Student Government recognizes contributions that have gone above and beyond to serve the student body and better the student experience. 

Golden Hurricane Award

This award is presented to a Student Government member who made an outstanding contribution while not necessarily serving in a key leadership position. 

2024 Amanda Klayman
2023 Victor Colombo
2022 Louisa Khan & Nathalia Torres
2021 Miles Pendleton
2020 Derek Auguste
2019 Abigail Adeleke
2018 Emily Gossett
2017 Celeste Balboni
2016 Candice Johnson
2015 Vikesh Patel
2014 Ben Slavin

Patricia A. Whitely Unsung Hero Award

Named for the Vice President for Student Affairs during the 2012 Student Government Inauguration, the Patricia A. Whitely Unsung Hero Award recognizes a student, staff, or faculty member who has made outstanding contributions that are not widely known or acknowledged, while neither being involved in nor having a role within Student Government.

2024 Dr. Ryan C. Holmes
2023 Christopher Clarke
2022 Oscar Vazquez
2021 Bao Duong
2020 John Ness
2019 Denise Lausell
2018 Leslie Leonard
2017 Amanda Armstrong
2016 Tracey Berkowitz
2015 Teddy L'Houtellier
2014 Heather Stevens

William R. Butler Award for Administrative Excellence

In an effort to recognize the support Student Government receives in project completion to achieve the mission of representing and advocating for the needs of students, this award - named after our first Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. William R. Butler - recognizes faculty or staff members who made critical contributions to completing Student Government initiatives.

2024 Dr. Joshua Brandfon
2023 Dr. Steven Moore
2022 Ann Calix
2021 Dr. Maria Galli Stampino
2020 Dr. William Scott Green
2019 Brynne Wyatt
2018 Dr. Maria Galli Stampino
2017 Dr. Jennifer Rau
2016 Michael Ross
2015 Kathy Andrade
2014 Brandon Gross


Florence S. Hecht Award 

Named in honor of Florence S. Hecht, an emeritus trustee, longtime benefactor, and friend of the University, this award will serve as an enduring reminder of her admirable legacy of service and care for the students of the University of Miami. This award recognizes an individual who is not a student, staff, or faculty member, but has contributed to the enhancement of student life at the University of Miami at the highest level.

2024 Tracey & Bruce Berkowitz
2019 Barbara Hecht Havenick